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Power Outage

Poolville families, Due to a power outage, all three campuses have lost sanitary systems and have two cafeterias without adequate food, water, and sanitation, thus keeping students at school becomes a concern. Poolville ISD will release early in the following steps: High School Student that drives with leave at 11:00am.Car…

School Closure

To ensure the safety of our students, parents, teachers and community members, Poolville ISD will be closed Monday, January 11, 2021 due to inclement weather. We look forward to your safe return to school on Tuesday.

Increased Police Presence

Parents and Community Members: There have been several questions asked about the increase of officer presence today at the high school. We were notified of a date written on the wall of a restroom and a desk. There was no direct threat to the school specified or to a specific…